Mayfair Virtual Office

MVO is perfectly situated to accommodate your business and provide a prestigious address to give your company that competitive edge.


Give your business a prestigious Mayfair address, without the costs of a physical office. Perception is key to getting ahead in business – and with a Mayfair address it will give your business the edge it needs over competitors. Having our office as your trading address will give your customers the confidence they need to know your business is part of an elite group of companies trading from such a prestigious area.

Use our prestigious Mayfair address as your address to be used on company stationery and website. You can also choose for us to forward your mail onto an address designated by yourself.MVO can handle all your calls/messages and forward them to your chosen contact via email, or direct them straight to your contact number, allowing you to focus on other tasks while never missing out on other business opportunities that may come your way!

Need desk space? You can hire a desk for a day or longer and see your productivity increase exponentially! MVO also offer Boardroom Hire in our renowned Mayfair location, you can hire our boardroom on an hourly rate and accommodate up to 6 people.