iQela Mobile

How you can benefit from a mobile-only unified communications and recording solution to enhance your business.

For many small businesses landlines are an unnecessary expense. They often go unused and, with an increasingly mobile workforce, important sales leads and customer calls are often left unanswered at an empty desk. On-going costs for maintenance and upgrades of on-premise hardware are a further drain on resources. So what’s the alternative?


iQela Mobile Office is a unique mobile-only unified communications solution that enables small businesses to take full control of their communications. It ensures that calls to your business are never missed by routing them to the right person, at the right time.


Businesses benefit from a single incoming number and the ability to control how each call is delivered and managed. All it requires is a mobile phone connection and our SIM card. It works even when there’s only GSM coverage. It’s the ideal solution for startups and small businesses.


Put mobile first to lower costs and boost employee productivity. Enable mobile working and become a flexible, agile business that can respond quickly to business opportunities and risks.

In addition, iQela also offers a complete mobile call recording solution, which allows you to meet regulatory requirements and is compliant to the latest FCA guidelines.


Register today for our workshop to find out more and to experience the benefits that iQela Mobile Office and iQela Mobile Call Recording provide. Find out how iQela can help your business take control of its communications strategy and consolidate costs. What’s more, we won’t even ask you to sign a contract or make a long-term commitment, giving you the flexibility to use the service as required.