GSM Security

Supplying an extensive range of security products to protect your premises and offer increased peace of mind over safety.

GSM Security are a recognised security company operating throughout the London area. For over 20 years the company has provided an array of high quality security products and services for businesses of all sizes to offer the increased peace of mind that comes from having reliable protection in place.

Security solutions available from GSM include access control to enable full control over who comes and goes from a property, CCTV which utilises the latest technology to always keep an eye on your premises, burglar alarms to add as a visual and noise deterrent plus many more security products. The specific services offered include keyholding and alarm response, so issues can be dealt with swiftly, as well as monitoring so you can feel confident that someone is always looking over your site, day and night.

To view the full selection of security products and services, browse the GSM website. Further information and enquiries can be pitched to the team by calling 020 8374 7744.