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Affordable, flexible, low cost-of-ownership, business intelligence solutions. Enabling proactive decisions for faster profits! 

Proactive decisions means faster profits

Everyone is in business to make a profit, but few recognise the benefits of keeping a close eye on the details of their business. Having your company’s current key indicators regularly at your fingertips, could mean the difference between making a profit, and making a loss. Or, if you are already making a good profit, what could a 5%, 10% or 20% increase in profits mean to your business?

For example, a recent implementation of a simple efficiency and overload dashboard for workshop staff resulted in an immediate increase of £20,000 by simply re-arranging shift patterns to reduce staff overload and stress (which resulted in less rework). That is £240,000 in profits that were saved by a simple set of indicators that cost less than £3,000 to implement.

Where can savings be made in your company? Where can extra profits be made? You may already have an idea, but having the numbers prove it to you will give you significant confidence to implement the changes.

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