Cavendish Munro

Offering professional indemnity insurance policies for businesses in a quick, easy and stress free manner.

Cavendish Munro are an established indemnity insurance broker with head offices in The City, London’s centre for insurance. The client is always put first with Cavendish Munro and a suitable policy is provided based upon individual requirements and circumstance.

Whilst professional indemnity insurance is vital for all businesses, the process of acquiring it shouldn’t be; which is a key goal for Cavendish Munro. The aim is to keep this process as simple and straightforward as possible, therefore avoiding the use of complex, industry related jargon and offering clear forms to fill in to purchase the required insurance quickly and hassle free.

Additional information can be found on the Cavendish Munro website whilst the team are always on hand to take your call on 020 7264 0545.