Brief Your Market Limited

The complete multi-channel marketing platform that can build onine and offline marketing campaigns

BYM is the leading multi-channel communication tool, admired by its competitors, used successfully across many industry sectors, with a reputation for quality of product, service and commitment to its customers. is an award winning complete multi-channel marketing platform that can help build and automate sophisticated and highly relevant online and offline marketing campaigns, which is integrated with many CRM systems.

It combines many different disciplines such as: ‘intelligent’ Newsletters that deliver an average response rate of 30%, to event-based messaging, of which 40% of all email revenue is generated.

The offline offering is just as strong, with Direct Mail and its ability to send and filter from a database of 43 million households, to PostDirect that allows you to send letters directly from your computer for less than the cost of a 2nd class stamp.

With this powerful platform, you can build the elusive single customer view. Targeting individuals based on what they have found useful and appealing, making any communication both relevant and personal.