Providing desktop based accountancy software, Accountz ensures the safety of our user’s financial information, whilst offering the flexibility of an on-line package. 

At Accountz we have been developing Accountancy software since 1999. In that time we have won countless awards from bodies such as the Macworld awards and Computer Shopper Best Buy. Currently we are head to head with Microsoft and Bullguard in the PCR Awards!

We pride ourselves on our personal service, when joining with us you will receive an account manager. Who will guide you over e-mail completely free of charge, we even offer a Telephone Support service where we will guide you step by step over the phone!

We offer a Desktop Based Cloud Enabled Accountancy software. Meaning the information is always available on your computer, no Server issues are ever going to keep you from your Business finances.  You can also have the functionality of an online package. Using the Cloud, Business Accountz is available on any computer you choose, password protected of course. This is of course optional. We believe there is no safer place to keep your financial data, than on your own computer.

Our Software is specifically designed for Start-ups and Small – Medium sized Companies. With a range of payment methods and an array of features to encourage growth. Give our 30 Day Free Trial a go, and take advantage of the 30 Days Telephone support, which come with it.