Activity: Communications, Digital Media, Events Management, Media
Region: Newport
Founded: 2013

Inspired Business Media

Inspired Business Media is a thriving media and events company specialising in curating impactful engagements. Through a dynamic array of Summits, Bespoke Roundtable Dinners, Virtual Roundtables, Virtual Roundtables Live, and Industry Thinkers, we create engaging platforms that foster networking, knowledge-sharing, and collaboration across diverse industries. With a continuous commitment to growth and innovation, we annually orchestrate over 200 global events in both physical and virtual realms.

At the heart of our mission is the connection of C-level executives from 3,000 organisations spanning technology, data, marketing, and facilities. By providing a stage for thought leaders and industry experts, we facilitate dynamic discussions on emerging trends, share valuable insights, and explore collaborative opportunities. This commitment contributes significantly to the advancement of global industries.

Our events serve as more than gatherings; they are pivotal moments where ideas converge, relationships solidify, and business excellence thrives. Through a resilient dedication to excellence, Inspired Business Media has become a beacon for leaders and innovators seeking a platform to shape the future of their industries. With a rich tapestry of experiences, we continue to shape the landscape of global business, empowering professionals to connect, learn, and contribute to the ongoing narrative of progress and innovation.