Activity: Web Design, Advertising, Business Services
Region: Essex
Founded: 2020


2020 was an interesting year for all in the creative world! We saw a rise in digital consumption and brands seeking innovative ways to ensure consumers are engaged with their content. Enter HLabs! A creative agency on a mission to transform traditional digital content into fully fledged immersive experiences through the use of no-code platforms. The brainchild of CEO & Founder Hannah Springett, in the first four years, rose from just Han to a diverse team of over 40 creatives (in 9 countries, speaking 17 languages) with roles ranging from designers, illustrators, animators, 3D artists, Webflow developers, project managers and copywriters.

HLabs goal is to make our clients’ content more engaging, using interactive storytelling techniques. Which, in turn, captivates the reader and helps produce impressive analytic results and ROI on any campaign investment. After winning our first Webby last year, this year’s focus is to stay at the forefront of digital innovation with our expanding & impressive clientele which includes Red Bull, WWF, Condé Nast, Hilton Grand Vacations and The Economist. In 2023 HLabs shared their vision statement of ‘Creating Stories That Matter’ and are really starting to own this space, if there’s a story that matters, HLabs should be the first agency that springs to mind!