Activity: Information Technology
Region: London
Founded: 2018

Hello Lamp Post

Hello Lamp Post is the first company to build an engagement platform that makes any public space interactive.

Today, people expect responsive, user led services, but engagement can be costly and time consuming. Organisations are struggling to share information about their local area and services, whilst gathering real-time feedback from their wide-spread communities – often relying on costly research exercises, hiring on-site staff, marketing campaigns and in-person events.

Hello Lamp Post offers a two-way communication platform that can reach any member of an organisation’s audience, using QR codes in strategic places and their mobile phone. By automating public services, Hello Lamp Post is creating more efficient service delivery for organisations/stakeholders. From interactive hospitals that are saving staff time on patient feedback gathering, talking flood defences that are reducing operational engagement costs and automated waste bins that are answering resident queries around recycling.

By inviting people to interact with places that they use every day and the things that make up the world around them, Hello Lamp Post is empowering communities to share their feedback in the moment and find out more about their local area, 24/7.

Why should people be restricted to information that’s only provided on a planning notice, a bronze plaque next to a statue or an information board in a parking lot?

The answer is, they shouldn’t!

Hello Lamp Post’s vision is simple: make places better for people. By making everywhere interactive, Hello Lamp Post can support any community and organisation across the globe.