Activity: Business Consultancy
Region: London
Founded: 2017


At HCG we help organisations to redefine their workplace(s) by connecting the dots between their vision, culture and spaces.

As an independent consultancy based in London, we specialise in workplace strategy and change management to clients on a global scale. Our ability to listen  means we fully understanding the requirements of each client and provide a tailored solution that meets their specific needs – whether that be a one-off project or a global program. We work with organisations across multiple sectors and on a global scale to ensure their culture and future direction is something their employees can experience and get a sense of wherever they are based. We pride ourself on our independence – we do not design, build, or manufacture – giving us the freedom to offer truly objective and independent advice. 

Doing the right thing at the right time precedes everything, and this means we focus on our core values: 

  • Transparency and collaboration: Workplace transformation is something we do with our clients not to them
  • Accountability: For our work over the long term 
  • Trust: We build reciprocal trust with clients 
  • We care: About the outcome and legacy we leave behind