Activity: Technology, Engineering
Region: West Sussex
Founded: 1988

GB Electronics (UK) Ltd

Formed in March 1988, GBE has built extensive industry knowledge, skills and experience from a range of sectors including In-Vehicle Telematics, Healthcare, Medical, Life Science, Power and Industrial Electronics. Our design-led manufacturing focus means we have invested in our internal engineering design resources, with exceptional multi-disciplinary engineering skills including compliance, hardware, industrial, firmware, software and design-for-manufacture. This enables us to provide commercially-focused innovative solutions for a large range of embedded products, instrumentation and power electronics. We have also expanded our portfolio to include a focus on the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT), which is a rapidly growing market opportunity.

GBE’s cross-industry experience uniquely positions us to design-in compliance, efficiency and functional features that add value, reduce time to market and improve the quality of every project we undertake. GBE works closely with you, the client, to understand your business requirements and your customers’ needs; greatly increasing product acceptance and uptake.

Our strategic acquisition of our main electronic manufacturing service supplier, Wildtrax Electronics, in December 2017, enabled GBE to further optimise our whole-product solution: multidisciplinary product design, through to full product manufacturing, programming and testing. This enables us to provide small volume, fast-turnaround surface mount assembly (SMA) prototypes along with full contract electronic manufacturing (CEM) services for through-hole and SMA. Combining our client-focused, product-oriented engineering support business model with the benefits of an efficient contract manufacturer, all managed from one company, is an extremely powerful commercial offering.

Another key focus is Product Compliance. This is essential as all electronic products have to comply with a myriad of national, international and industry specific regulations. Design for Compliance is a vital part of every development project and GBE offers a full design for regulatory compliance service, including advice and testing at all stages of the project. To complement this, GBE offers a cost-effective pre-compliance advice and testing service which dramatically reduces time to market of any new or re-designed products. We have regulatory experience across many different sectors, from consumer and industrial to some of the more heavily regulated industries, including medical and automotive. We always take a pragmatic, common-sense approach when assisting with compliance requirements.

All design and manufacturing projects undertaken are carried out within GBE’s Quality Management System (QMS) which conforms to ISO 9001:2015. GBE provides a full technical file, which includes an essential Declaration of Conformity (DoC) for all of the electronic products we design and manufacture.