Activity: Construction
Region: Hertfordshire
Founded: 2020

Fortis Foundations

Fortis Foundations offers expertise to various construction sectors, including rail, civils, energy, water and residential.

Fortis Foundations was founded in 2020 by Will and Alice Temperley. The couple started the business from scratch, investing their own funds and creating a family feel by hiring close friends and family; including Will’s mum, dad and brother.

The team at Fortis Foundations bring over 200 years of experience in the civil infrastructure, foundations and piling industry, and aims to transform the civil engineering landscape by providing innovative products and services.

Fortis Foundations is a civil infrastructure, foundations and piling company that has a unique operational philosophy. The company has a tailored approach to every project and provides a comprehensive 360 solution to all aspects of civil engineering. The team at Fortis Foundations aim to tackle the industry-wide challenges associated with civil infrastructure by eliminating wasted time and resources.

In 2022, Fortis Foundations expanded its horizons by establishing Fortis EV (Electric Vehicles), which further solidified its position as a reliable supplier in the installation sector. This growth strategy, which did not involve external investors, highlights the inherent success and sustainability of the founders and their enterprise.