Activity: Business Services
Region: Kent
Founded: 2020


Famn is a collective of psychologists, coaches, and facilitators, working with major organisations in financial services and beyond, to provoke organisational change by helping individuals develop their self-awareness and resilience.

Famn is a father, daughter partnership and start-up, focused on the development of emotional intelligence, self-awareness and leadership, through 1:2:1 and group coaching. 

Many people go through their life and careers without much thought as to who they are; what makes them good, what holds them back, and how they may be perceived. Famn invite their clients to explore their habitual patterns and, through a deepening of emotional intelligence and self-awareness, learn to disrupt the patterns that no longer serve them. This ultimately makes for better leadership, better organisational culture and more contented human beings.

Famn was created on the belief that high quality, psychologically-grounded coaching is a cornerstone of inclusion and diversity, and at the core