Activity: Education
Region: Newcastle Upon Tyne
Founded: 2020

Fabric Academy

Fabric is not your ordinary marketing education provider. 

We were founded with one mission: to drive positive change in marketing education and revolutionise the industry. 

The goal is simple – to deliver a dynamic, hands-on learning experience that transforms our learners into marketing powerhouses. We’re not just a training provider, we’re a global community of highly skilled marketers, business leaders, and educators all striving for excellence.

With thousands of learners from around the world enrolled with Fabric, our reputation as the go-to provider for marketing education and mentorship is unparalleled. 

Our platform is designed to deliver the ultimate learning experience, with practical training taught by industry experts, an award-winning programme and personalised coaching and mentoring support.

Centred around applied learning rather than academic theory, we teach functional skills that can be applied straight into the role and business, as well as providing regular feedback to ensure the work developed has been bolstered by expert marketing practitioners. 

We don’t just teach marketing; we create commercially minded marketers who can deliver high returns on investment and ongoing business success.