Activity: Brand & Innovation Consultancy
Region: London
Founded: 2004


Echo believes great design can change the world. It was designers that created our throwaway culture, and as designers, we believe we have a responsibility to create better solutions. Through design excellence we embed sustainability, inclusivity and innovation into brands, products and experiences, ensuring long-term wins for people, planet and prosperity.

We call it: Win, Win, Win.

In this defining decade, brands need to be credible and authentic. Product and brand need to unite to build belief through a seamless experience. Forging this link is central to Echo’s way of thinking and it drives our approach to design and innovation.

Whether you’re looking for quick wins or a long-term future vision, our flagship sustainable innovation programme will help you explore your brands potential, navigate change and create a roadmap to success.

Our multidisciplinary team not only create leading-edge solutions, but as specialists in Nudge Design, we use behavioural science to influence consumer perception

on pack, changing behaviours and nudging consumers to engage in the circular economy.

The future is what we make it.