Activity: Manufacturing, Furniture, Technology
Region: Sussex
Founded: 2010

Earthy Timber

Using unique, developed in house wood processing and drying technology EARTHY® TIMBER transforms fungal, cancerous, infected timber into healthy, modern functional art furniture.

With satisfied customers both nationally and internationally,  when it comes to wood, we turn nature’s bounty into stunning wooden tables, desks, breakfast bars, kitchen islands & conference tables of any size. 

Our tables maximise the beauty of nature, but with an artistic, modern twist to deliver striking, artisan perfection. Our work is modern, exclusive and cutting edge. With its natural patterns and stunning features our wooden tables, desks and tops cater to elite, discriminating tastes.

We have in depth expertise in wood, resin and metal enhancement techniques to best reflect light; the natural, live or bark edges of wood plank can also be preserved to display to most subtle or earthy & dramatic effect.

Here at EARTHY® TIMBER we have an eye for detail and an innate knowledge and technology of how to cure the unhealthy piece of wood into an object of astonishing beauty that will last for generations to come.