Activity: Sustainability
Region: Leicestershire
Founded: 2016


Born from 15 years of research at the University of Leicester, EarthSense holds a rich academic heritage specialising in environmental monitoring and modelling of air pollution data; seamlessly providing the most detailed, actionable environmental information, enabling meaningful decision-making processes.

Collaborating with a vast range of air quality monitoring projects, including intelligent transport systems, smart cities, local authorities, construction and more. EarthSense provides solutions for bespoke uses such as its award-winning, certified, indicative ambient air quality monitors, the Zephyr®. A high-resolution global model of air pollution, MappAir®, uses advanced modelling techniques, and cloud-based data inputs applying machine learning technologies to create reliable and usable visualisations of air pollution around the world. And MyAir®, a data visualisation application that enables you to seamlessly view, analyse and download your air quality data, either on a web-based, public portal, or mobile application.