Activity: Technology
Region: Aberdeen
Founded: 2019

DeltaTek Global

On a passionate mission to deliver Ultimate Cement Placement, well construction specialist DeltaTek has developed pioneering technologies which are deployable to all well construction projects. DeltaTek’s cutting-edge technologies are applicable to subsea, platform or land cementing operations; by utilising these low-risk solutions, operators are reducing carbon footprint, increasing operational efficiency and improving the overall well construction process.

Founded in 2015, DeltaTek’s entrance into the well construction market from the initial technology concept, through to product development, to offshore deployment and commercialisation, can only be described as unprecedented in the oil and gas industry. In just a few short years, DeltaTek has grown into a company that delivers repeatable, reliable well construction technologies globally.

Taking inspiration from the industry, DeltaTek has enhanced existing techniques and applied them to the subsea sector to create solutions which are already changing the way wells are constructed. DeltaTek’s flagship technology, SeaCure, has the opportunity and potential to be run multiple times per well across the approximate 550 subsea wells that are drilled globally each year, with a projected annual saving of more than $250m for the industry.

To date, DeltaTek’s technology has supported local energy security with contributions to over 80% of the UK subsea well construction market during 2022, a notable rise from 0% just four years ago, as well as saving more than 11,000MT of CO2 through optimising rig operations and delivering Ultimate Cement Placement.