Activity: Construction, Technology
Region: London
Founded: 2018

DDC Solutions

Having served the UK construction industry for over a decade it became increasingly clear to Jimi Clarke that the services and resources design teams and contractors relied on was fragmented. Lacking definition meant project needs were not met, hindering people’s expertise and efforts. The introduction of BIM dealt more challenges, prominently increasing the fragmentation. It was clear these issues needed to be addressed, and so, Jimi and DDC Solutions came into existence.  

Refusing to be ‘just another service provider’, polluting an already very saturated world, we understand the challenges these teams face in delivering projects on time and on budget. 

With bespoke, purpose-built products and solutions, we actively listen to understand our client’s needs, exercising our core driving factor: Support business, support projects, support people. We enable our clients to plan, develop, and deliver projects to meet their KPIs, while reducing costs, risk, waste, and environmental impact.

Presently, as a RIBA and safe contractor-approved business, we’re a small and dedicated team, working remotely across the globe, alongside our clients. Despite coming from different backgrounds, we are united in our commitment to work closely with the principles of the UK Industrial Strategy and UN goals of ‘decent work and economic growth’ and ‘sustainable cities and communities’. Leading with kindness, we reinvest back into our services, team, and clients, and in turn, contribute to new neighbourhoods, growing communities, and rising economies. We aim to help the construction industry achieve success, and allow people accessibility to thrive in safe, beautiful, and sustainable environments.