Activity: Sustainability, Business Consultancy
Region: Berkshire
Founded: 2019

Cyd Connects

Now is the time for every business to become a force for good. And it’s our job to get you there by making your sustainability goals a reality and turning your social responsibility into long-term competitive advantage. 

At Cyd Connects we work with businesses to embed sustainability frameworks that increase positive environmental and social impact, as well as strategic brand strategy and communications to make sustainability profitable for businesses. 

Co-founded by three women who collectively hold over 45 years’ of corporate experience, we believe in action. We don’t just talk about it, we are committed to being the change through how we act as a business, as leaders, as women. 

We know that it’s not always an easy journey. That’s why we do sustainability without the BS, and we make it simple, innovative and fun. 

Our solutions include an audit, overview and report on where a business stands in terms of their sustainability, and where and how to track, measure and improve. We create bespoke future-proof roadmaps for each client to establish and meet clear sustainability targets.  

We are also qualified B Leaders; trained to take businesses through the B Corp certification process, from initial assessment to verification. B Corp is fast becoming one of the most respected global certifications, recognised by investors and consumers alike.  

To drive change, we need to work together. Every government, business and citizen has a responsibility to act now and create solutions. So what are you waiting for?