curious univer
Activity: Consumer, Lifestyle
Region: Somerset
Founded: 2017

Curious Universe

At Curious Universe, we pride ourselves on creating innovative and exciting products in the Arts and Crafts, Books, Stationery and Toys areas. Our talented team works together to design, produce and sell over 20 million products every year in 38 languages throughout 77 different countries. This unique venture brings together a wealth of experience and creativity from opposite sides of the globe, producing exceptional, innovative, and affordable products for everyone to enjoy. We have a universal mission: to create out-of-this world products that make people feel inspired and happy inside.

And guess what? That makes us happy, too. We move faster than the speed of light to produce products that matter. For tiny tots to the young at heart, we love nothing more than delivering groundbreakingly awesome toys, craft, books and stationery for everyone, everywhere. The sky’s not the limit. Be extraordinary.