Activity: Technology
Region: London
Founded: 2019


conXhub is a cellular technology company, supplying turnkey solutions and API / Integration with your own systems to deliver competitive advantage.

Our patented technology transforms your telecommunications experience, combining data and cellular – from a single mobile device, all the way to an international call-centre infrastructure. Contract-free.

conXhub adds functionality to existing any handset or carrier contract – from an extra mobile number, to business landlines and free overseas calling – all from your current resources.

We guarantee the best quality and highest reliability – with the lowest cost and highest feature set.

conXhub uses a ‘VoIP Plus’ model – combining the flexibility, feature set and cost of VoIP with the global coverage, security and quality of the carrier networks. Join us now, satisfaction guaranteed:

We combine the best of VoIP and Carrier technologies to create simple but effective solutions that drive productivity, safety, flexibility and bills. Our App / Services / APIs will work with any hardware or carrier.

The Data Communications market is currently worth $150 billion, with revenues expected to reach $350 billion by 2032. The driving forces behind this expansion are the proliferation of mobile devices and the rapid rise in flexible working. conXhub allows you to leverage this technology shift – or take some of the profit for your business.

Carrier Services – competitive advantage guaranteed

Callcentre solutions – we solve the first mile problem

Landline Cellular – move your landline to your mobile, contract-free

Superphone / Business Suite – functionality for lone wolves or international call centres

Verification Services – simple and cost-effective

VIP Safety First – protect yourself online and in person