Activity: Business Services
Region: London
Founded: 2019

BOOM & Partners

We aim to give start-ups the confidence to scale their business effectively by evaluating and addressing the risks at stake, and always being on hand to offer experienced, well-reasoned, and unbiased insight. Kevin, director of BOOM & Partners, has run his own business and finance consultancy firm for 26 years. His passion for start-ups and his own entrepreneurial spirit led him to found BOOM & Partners. His mentorship has been instrumental in granting founders the ability and confidence to progress their dreams and launch their start-ups. His ability to work with both start-ups from the idea or concept stage through to a scaling business shows that he is an avid supporter of start-ups beyond the business itself.

We pride ourselves in taking an approachable, friendly, and pragmatic style with our clients, enabling the start-ups and their founders to grow in confidence and knowledge about the parts of their business that they seek assistance with. The approach encourages mutual respect and understanding and, for the client, that somebody is truly with them so that they are not alone.