altnets 24
Activity: Telecommunications
Region: Sussex
Founded: 2020


Altnets was launched in 2020 to support the needs of the UK telecoms market as the nation upgrades to gigabit broadband networks. We exist to support independent Internet Service Providers (ISPs) with their supply chain requirements, offering all the build materials they need for their network infrastructure, from fibre optics, ducts, and nodes to access chambers.

The concept behind Altnets is to offer ISPs complete support – product procurement, supply chain management, planning, forecasting, and scheduling. Our team guides customers throughout their build journey, from understanding what they are purchasing, confirming exactly what they need to order, and clearly outlining what they can expect to be delivered. We have won awards for the outstanding customer service we provide our clients.

We actively strive to fill a gap in the telecoms market by aiding ISPs to reach the communities who don’t currently have access to full fibre broadband connectivity. Supply chain interruptions, whether that is material shortages, long lead times or delivery delays, can be costly to ISPs. As a procurement specialist with over 120 years of combined experience, Altnets combats this issue. We will always identify areas where we can speed up product delivery and save customers time, money, and energy.

We’ve partnered with the best in industry manufacturers, in the UK and beyond, to offer bespoke, end-to-end solutions for every telecoms build.