AI and Partners
Activity: Business Services, Technology
Region: London
Founded: 2021

AI & Partners

At AI & Partners, our goal always remains the same. We work with clients that use, develop or distribute artificial intelligence (AI). In essence, we strive to give you clarity that your interaction with AI remains compliant, enabling you to focus on the bottom line.

For businesses looking for help with ensuring their compliant use of AI, we offer a bespoke and laser focused service that is unmatched elsewhere and is supported by cutting-edge technology.

The structure of most firms is well established. We can as a state-of-the-art auditor help to ensure adherence to the necessary standards and our best practice. An institutional-grade practice that has been stemmed from over 50 years’ of experience in the auditing. In dialogue with you, we implement solutions for AI systems. We do this by assessing your AI systems across the different lifecycle stages, work processes and, most importantly, by listening carefully to stakeholders. This pragmatic and formulaic approach allows you to keep an overview, achieve results quickly and control costs.

Our mission is what motivates us to do all that is necessary to expand the possibilities of our clients and make them excel, grow, acquire more clients and significantly improve internal AI systems. We achieve this by creating ground-breaking AI system auditing practices, by automation, making our services more efficient, by creating a dynamic and diverse global team and by making a positive impact in areas where we live and work.

Moreover, we believe vehemently in being the bridge to businesses being more sustainable, making a difference and adding long-term value to society. We always strive for the highest possible quality to our clients. We believe that we have always delivered quality when all our clients’ objectives are achieved and our clients are sufficiently satisfied.

Case Studies

We make clear expectations with you about the associated costs and the lead time. 100% transparency. We do not view our audits of AI systems as a static process that firms must endure, but as a way of helping them achieve strategic objectives, improving transparency, and organising processes more effectively and efficiently.

Thanks to this view of audits, we can always provide added value in the improvement of processes, procedures and policies relating to AI systems. We aim to support a large number of our clients worldwide, helping them to enter new markets, diversifying their product/service offering and providing wholesale improvements across all functional areas.