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The Info Solutions Provider Ltd

We help you do 4 key things:

1. Systematically improve the predictability and success of your sales;

2. Sign bigger deals, in less time, with more Yes’s;

3. Serve your clients better and increase your sales;

4. Improve your competency as a salesperson and increase your sales velocity.

We are the Info Solutions Provider and we help business owners to improve their sales velocity and communications performance by up to 300% in as little as 8 weeks through our Sales Velocity and Effective Communications courses.



The B.A.N.K.TM system

Our system, B.A.N.K.TM, has almost 20 years track record and is scientifically proven to predict buying behaviour. Recognised by Harvard, UC Berkeley and San Francisco State Universities, it is already being used by businesses in more than 40 countries around the world.

Without B.A.N.K.TM training, you are most likely losing out on at least 75% of potential sales and feeding them to your competition. We help you to communicate and sell to this lost 75% of your market.


For more details and to book, go to http://SalesVelocity.Training/TL1. Extensive post-training support and consultancy are included in the training price.



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