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Job insecurities reign over the UK due to rise of the machines

Written by Varsha Saraogi on Tuesday, 12 June 2018. Posted in HR, People

An employment crisis continues to demoralise Britain, this time as artificial intelligence seemingly takes jobs away from millennials – or so they believe

Job insecurities reign over the UK due to rise of the machines

Whether it’s an easy task such as making coffee or a complex one like data processing, people are increasingly dependent on robots. Artificial intelligence (AI) and technology may be taking over our lives by making it easier but Brits are worried that these robots might be also taking away their jobs.

As it stands, the UK economy is booming in the tech market. But the increase in AI startups and firms has resulted in 62% of Brits to believe that automation will cost them their jobs, according to a  survey of 1,000 millennial workers conducted by Office Angels, the recruitment company. 

However, apart from a rise of the machines causing disruption, the economy doesn't seem to be helping either. Millennials are convinced that Brexit might prove to be detrimental to career prospects, which prompted 58% to admit they would consider a job change, while 21% have thought of starting their own company by 2021. The research also said 45% of millennials blame Brexit for the impact it may have on the unavailability of jobs.

Of course, their fears aren’t unfounded as the UK retail sector has been in turmoil since the beginning of the year, which has already put more than 10,000 jobs at risk. Furthermore, Britain had lost 65,000 jobs since the EU referendum vote as per a report by CNN in December 2017.

Commenting on the research, Alex Fleming, president of staffing and solutions, The Adecco Group UK and Ireland, parent company of Office Angels, said: “As one of the most mobile generations, it’s important to manage millennials’ concerns and outline the great career prospects available to them if organisations want to remain attractive to them.

“Businesses that focus on creating and promoting these opportunities, alongside giving employees the skills required to weather the Brexit storm, will be able to produce a more positive, productive and engaged workforce.”

With Brexit seemingly corroding the economy, the advent of technology and robots may be a boon for many businesses but it looks as though they’ll have a tough job convincing their workers of that.

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Varsha Saraogi

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