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The technology you need for a hybrid workforce

on Thursday, 10 June 2021. Posted in Technology

The challenges and benefits of home working have been seen in equal measure which makes the decision of whether to continue with full time remote work, or press go on a total return to the office a difficult one.

The technology you need for a hybrid workforce

The challenges and benefits of home working have been seen in equal measure which makes the decision of whether to continue with full time remote work, or press go on a total return to the office a difficult one. But it doesn’t have to be. With the right technology, a hybrid workforce can enjoy the best of both worlds. 

For hybrid to work, communication is key. Offering clear and concise communication, as well as a variety of ways for your team to communicate, means that hybrid working can combine all the benefits from home working and office working into the new normal. As such, the right technology to communicate both internally and externally is crucial.

Consider the cloud 

A cloud telephony solution, such as Enreach Contact, means businesses like yours can work seamlessly from anywhere. Giving your teams total flexibility, a cloud solution will replicate your office from wherever meaning that each team member is in the loop at a moment’s notice. 

With features like a built-in softphone, the ability to flip live calls between devices, an intuitive admin portal that allows changes like diverts to be set up and seamless mobile integration, a cloud solution is tailor made for hybrid working. Not only are futureproof features available at the touch of a button but, traditional ones like call recording, call reporting and auto attendant haven’t gone anywhere!

Whether you’re a start-up with a handful of team members enjoying a hybrid work set up or a multi-site organisation with hundreds of employees regularly switching between the office and the home, cloud solutions are flexible and scalable meaning changes can be made in a matter of minutes. 

Rely on business broadband 

If hybrid working is going to work, a reliable broadband connection from every working location is vital. While top-class business broadband at the office is seen as standard, many hybrid workers are struggling as a result of their home broadband. 

While fast enough to stream films on different devices simultaneously, home broadband doesn’t cut it for home workers who’re looking to work effectively. Download speeds from home broadband may be able to compete with those of business broadband but upload speeds don’t begin to compare. 

In addition, security and reliability should be key considerations for hybrid workers. Home broadband connections simply don’t offer the security that business broadband does. And SLAs aren’t in place for home broadband connections meaning if there’s any issues, your home workers will experience much more downtime than if they had a business broadband connection. 

Make the most of futureproof tech

There’s been game-changing developments in technology meaning desk phones such as HD Touch make hybrid working a doddle. Offering a tablet-like experience with an 8” HD touchscreen display, phones like HD Touch combine everything a smartphone does into on desk phone ensuring hybrid workers can move between locations and re-connect in a flash. 

Plug and play handsets have been the saving grace for many home workers, being able to simply pick up your desk phone, plug it in and connect to WiFi has meant workers are prepared to work from absolutely anywhere at a moment’s notice. Plus, with many handsets now offering built-in video conferencing capabilities, this has meant that not only can team members attend video calls from wherever they’re working but they can also enjoy capabilities such as instant messaging, emails available at the touch of a button and, of course, traditional phone calls and all the traditional features like hunt groups, diverts and voicemail. 

Don’t forget about mobiles 

Gone are the days of mobiles being seen as a perk for senior staff members. With hybrid working means mobiles can offer a great piece of your communications arsenal. 

Working in seamless tandem with cloud phone systems, mobiles can play a big role for hybrid workers as they bridge the gap for on-the-go workers. Live calls can be flipped from desk phones to mobiles phones meaning uninterrupted customer support, text updates can be sent between team members and walking meetings can take place to ensure a better work life balance. 

While business mobiles don’t have to be the newest model, it is recommended to choose a network neutral provider to ensure you get the very best rates and avoid any unexpected costs. 

This article comes courtesy of Duncan Ward, Chief Executive Officer of Enreach UK, a leading provider of business communications. 

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