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Two-thirds of shoppers would not buy from a retailer who has previously ghosted them

Written by Eric Johansson on Tuesday, 23 January 2018. Posted in Audience, Sales & Marketing

Not following up on a purchase could see retailers lose the opportunity of repeat business, according to new research from Narvar

Two-thirds of shoppers would not buy from a retailer who has previously ghosted them

Dating in the 21st century means familiarising oneself with an entirely new vernacular. However, few terms would illicit quite as big an emotional response as ghosting. Describing the ending of a romantic relationship by cutting off communication without explanation, the act often leaves the ghostee wondering what went wrong. And it seems as if shoppers feel a similar sense of abandonment if online retailers suddenly cease speaking with them after they’ve made a purchase. In fact, ghosting customers could cost companies the chance of repeat business, according to a new survey from Narvar, the retail-tech startup.

Having surveyed nearly 3,000 UK consumers, the research revealed that ghosting shoppers after they’ve made a purchase would deter 65% of them buying from the retailer again. For instance, failing to provide fast and accurate information about orders, predicting delivery dates or alerting customers about any delays could see shoppers switch to another brand. Moreover, if retailers really want to protect their relationship with consumers then they need to follow up on the purchase with content: one in ten shoppers want examples of how others are using the products, suggestions for how to make best use of items and personalised recommendations.

Commenting on the research, Amit Sharma, CEO at Narvar, said: “These findings really highlight that the e-commerce journey does not just stop when a customer clicks the buy button. Retailers who fail to appreciate the importance of the post-purchase experience are missing out on really developing a loyal customer base and the financial benefits that go along with that.”

Fortunately, a slew of startups are providing technological solutions aimed at boosting the relationship between retailers and shoppers. Given the need for an easy way to preserve people’s personal love affair with a brand, tech and retail are clearly a match made in heaven.

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