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Solvable by Arnaud Chevallier and Albrecht Enders

Written by Sally Anne Butters on Tuesday, 14 June 2022. Posted in Reviews

Problem-solving is a vital skill for any entrepreneur.

Solvable by Arnaud Chevallier and Albrecht Enders

Problem-solving is a vital skill for any entrepreneur. In fact, it’s one of the most sought-after abilities in today’s workplace. So why are we so rarely taught how to do it properly? People often find themselves thrown into roles where they are expected to learn as they go, without ever being given proper training in how to understand and tackle problems.

Solvable is the new book written by IMD Professors, helping readers to solve any problem through their three-step process of framing, exploring and deciding. Professors Arnaud Chevallier and Albrecht Enders build on their research across management and psychology, as well as their experience working with international organisations such as Shell, Skanska, TUI and Vodaphone. Solvable combines their knowledge and research into one concise guide to problem-solving.

One of its standout features is using analogies to break down problems – every problem has a hero (a main protagonist or group of protagonists) aiming to obtain a treasure (the hero’s aspiration), which is protected by a dragon (the obstacle). Breaking the process down into smaller chunks in this way makes the process much more manageable.

Problem-solving is a crucial skill at all stages of your career – whether you’re a new graduate or a CEO. At the World Economic Forum, problem-solving was highlighted as being one of the most important modern skills. For anyone looking to brush up their skills, tackle problems more effectively in their business or give confidence to their teams by dealing with problems more calmly – this book is the perfect guide to help you break down complex issues, understand them and make any problem Solvable. 

Solvable: A Simple Solution to Complex Problems by Arnaud Chevallier and Albrecht Enders is out on 18th June, by FT Publishing, priced £16.99

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Sally Anne Butters

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