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Disrupt Yourself

Written by Josh Russell on Thursday, 07 May 2015. Posted in Reviews

Jay Samit’s digest of digital disruption offers no end of insight into innovation but perhaps falls short on actionable advice

Disrupt Yourself

Throughout the start-up space, disruption is pretty much the holy grail. If a new solution or product changes the way we live then it can be pretty much guaranteed it will have a captive market. Until now, most of us haven’t had a roadmap for disruptive thinking but Disrupt Yourself is here to help individuals become master innovators.

Acting as a broad set of meditations on the ins and outs of disruption, Disrupt Yourself offers budding intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs a chance to learn how to challenge assumptions, capitalise on broad industry changes and when to pivot on a core proposition. Not only does the book capitalise on Samit’s extensive experience of disruption – from creating one of the world’s first digital stock photo products to nudging former record label giant EMI toward digital distribution – but every page is crammed with examples of the constant disruption moving the march of technology ever onward.

There are some elements of Disrupt Yourself that are stronger than others however. Whilst there are no end of case studies and plenty of examples of how individuals devised their own disruptive solutions, this often means practical, hands-on guidance can end up taking a back seat. But this does feel like a fairly minor quibble when taking into account the sheer wealth of material on offer. All in all, a worthwhile read for anybody passionate about disruption. 


Publisher: Bluebird

Out: July

RRP: £14.99

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Josh Russell

Josh Russell

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