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The reason why female founders are better at running a business may shock you

Written by Anne Struijcken on Wednesday, 07 November 2018. Posted in Leadership, People

Women who venture into the world of entrepreneurship find it more difficult to overcome failure than men do. However that might be why they’re usually more successful, Vistaprint’s research reveals

The reason why female founders are better at running a business may shock you

Everyone knows making mistakes is only human. But it seems as if female founders struggle more to overcome their own mistakes than male entrepreneurs do. And new research reveals this might be a good thing.

Vistaprint, the print and digital marketing material provider, recently surveyed over 2,000 business owners across four European countries. The researchers found that 69% of female entrepreneurs find it harder to overcome failure compared to 55% of male entrepreneurs. However, the research also revealed that this makes women better at their jobs. For instance, male business owners’ biggest mistakes tend to be more than twice as costly as the one female founders make.  Unsurprising then that 27% of male entrepreneurs had been forced to close a business in the past compared to only 15% of women.

Commenting on the report, Simon Braier, director of customer strategy and insight at Vistaprint, said: “The survey highlights some interesting differences in how men and women run businesses and indicate there is no one size fits all. Sometimes risks pay off and at other times they don’t, but what’s most encouraging is the resilience these business owners show. And with two-thirds of British business owners saying they would start again if things went wrong we know one mistake does not deter this group of people.”

So the next time someone tells you to just get over an entrepreneurial mishap, tell them that struggling with mistakes can make you more successful at running your business.

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