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Revealing the most outrageous office Christmas parties

Written by Abbie Jukes on Friday, 14 December 2018. Posted in HR, People

Whether it’s staff having one too many drinks or a drunken liaison with a colleague, here are the wildest antics that have been reported at work Christmas dos

Revealing the most outrageous office Christmas parties

With the scent of pigs-in-blankets and mulled wine in the air, boozy business bashes are now in full swing for the festive season, which presents a chance for even the Scrooge among the team to let their hair down and be rewarded for their hard work throughout the year. 

However, some people can push the festive spirit – spirit being the operative word – a little too far. With tales spanning from the more tame, such as having a few drinks too many and falling into the back of the cab, to the more wild – like the account on Reddit revealing the time a married woman in HR shamelessly had an orgy with five people. Not only do all five employees still work there but the HR woman is still married. No, we don’t know how that happened either.

On the other hand, although the Christmas party is seemingly an annual anticipated event, Perkbox has revealed some surprising results as 29% of workers admitted they don’t enjoy their office bash. With a meal out being preferred over the traditional shindig from all age groups, 34% said they disliked mingling with their colleagues and 30% admitted they can’t stand the cliquishness of Christmas parties. Another reason given by 27% was the dread of management-enforced fun.

Whilst this may be the case for some, it appears that company events to mark Yuletide may not have yet lost popularity.  According to a December 2018 study from AfterDrink, the hangover supplement, a huge tenth of employees have been fired as a result of their festive foolery. However, this may not be as shocking as initially thought seeing as 89% of party-goers have drank at events, with a further 65% admitting that intoxication had impacted their behaviour negatively.

Indeed, even though your head may be filled with images inspired by the 2016 film Office Christmas Party, which you will probably want to avoid at all costs during your own celebrations unless you want a crash course in having your business destroyed, we’ve rounded up some of the funniest festive tales.

(1) Child’s play

Picture colleagues brought together for a holiday get-together. Then add in copious amounts of eggnog. Talkroute reported the results of this, which saw co-workers embracing their inner child. Inevitably inebriated, they decided to devise a slip-n-slide in a confined space of the warehouse. Not surprisingly, the night ended with an IT guy breaking his collarbone. At least they reignited the childish excitement that only Christmas can bring. 

(2) Gone to pot

Several people certainly got more than expected at one Christmas party. The director of operations, who Business Insider names as Jack, was tempted by tantalising brownies at the food table. Later on, when a giggling Jack was boasting about how tall he feels, it later became clear that a colleague who contributed the cakes accidentally grabbed a plate of pot-filled brownies from his kitchen, rather than regular brownies. Looks like the treats weren’t the only things that were baked.

(3) Christmas leftovers bags boss

Typical Christmas party anecdotes often include drunken fumbles that leave employers hanging their heads in shame the next day. This wasn’t the case for Lucy, though. She admitted to Grazia that she already fancied her 40-year-old boss before the company do. Dressed as “Christmas leftovers” along with her friend, Lucy somehow managed to pull what “the fit CEO” into sweaty shenanigans, during which she was wearing a bin bag. Stay classy.

(4) A picture is worth a thousand words

One employee woke up the morning after the night before, only to be provided with a link to a gallery that had been sent to the whole company. Upon opening the link, they scrolled through innocent photos but quickly discovered 25 photos of their boss half-naked. If that wasn’t enough, he was also pictured canoodling with a colleague. The gallery was later removed from public access and both parties in question were reported to HR. After all, the camera never lies.

(5) Festive fun becomes a “drink-fuelled orgy”

Yearly yuletide celebrations usually start just after work and finish around midnight. For one Christmas get-together involving the Honduran ambassador Carlos Rodriguez Andino to Colombia, however, going home at the stroke of 12 would make you a party pooper. Starting at 10pm with party goers staggering home at 5am, this is one festive event that certainly stands out from the rest. According to The Mirror, Andino was sacked after creating what was dubbed a “drink-fuelled orgy” that risked the embassy falling into disrepute. Organised by the ambassador’s friend and bodyguard Jorge Mendoza, the guest list reportedly included two prostitutes who allegedly stole people’s devices, which resulted in them being ejected from the event.

Whilst you may not want your Christmas party to escalate to quite that scale, to spice up your annual event, we found some alternatives. You could organise a Killing Kittens-inspired sex party, known worldwide for its “electrically-charged environment.” Or, to really try something different, you could try your hand at sheep herding to really increase that team spirit in preparation for a great start to the New Year.

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