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Talent going to waste?

Written by Josh Russell on Wednesday, 15 August 2012. Posted in People

Are you failing to make the most of your employees’ skills? The answer may be yes, after the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) announced that over 40% of qualified managers feel the skills they have learned through their studies are going to waste.

Talent going to waste?

And seeing as the majority of training courses don’t come cheap, that is an almighty amount of cash down the drain too.

In a survey of over a thousand qualified managers, the CMI identified the largest block in employees making the most of their new qualifications lay with their immediate managers. During their studies a quarter of managers felt their supervisors hadn't provided sufficient support; eight out of 10 felt that bosses had not set them sufficient targets. Perhaps most astonishingly two-fifths of those surveyed said their bosses failed to even mention the new knowledge they had acquired, meaning it essentially was going to waste. 

Fortunately this hasn't soured perspectives of professional qualifications, the majority of those surveyed still feeling that their studies had enhanced their work. An overwhelming 90% of managers felt that their training has had a significant impact on their performance, whilst more than four fifths felt that afterwards the quality of their work had improved. 

On-the-job qualifications can have a huge impact on confidence in middle-management, making a substantial difference to the work that staff produce and paying dividends on the time and money invested. Qualified employees can be one of the most useful resources available to your company. But only if you make use of them.

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