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Employees feel UK businesses are not doing enough to support charities

Written by Jade Saunders on Tuesday, 03 March 2015. Posted in Engagement, People

Over half of UK workers have not participated in any charity fundraising activities with their company in the past year, according to research by Give as you Live

Employees feel UK businesses are not doing enough to support charities

A person can gain an improved sense of well-being by donating to and supporting a charity that helps those in need. Supporting a charity within a business can be great for brand reputation, functions as excellent team building activity and can also offer employees a chance to actively volunteer and fund raise in ways that they might not have been able to pursue outside of work.

That's why it's sad to hear that the majority of UK companies do not have a named charity that they will support this year. Give as you Live, the Elite Business One to watch that enables consumers to raise money for charity by shopping online, found that 53% of workers hadn’t taken part in any fundraising activities over the past year and 40% stated that their company had no official charity that they support. A fifth felt unsure that their companies supported charity at all. All in all, 44% of the 4,000 employees surveyed felt that their company should be doing more to support and raise money for charities and the local community.

Steff Lewis, head of corporate partnerships at Give as you Live, said: “Businesses are missing a trick by not encouraging fundraising amongst its employees. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives go further than just increasing employee morale; being seen to give back to charity improves a company’s reputation in the face of its customers and future staff. There are so many fundraising options for businesses that needn’t put pressure on resources or people’s time.”

This definitely throws down the gauntlet for UK enterprise, particularly in light of the benefits that workplace fundraising can have for both a business's staff and its bottom line. In the wise words of Plato: “Good actions give strength to ourselves and inspire good actions in others.” 

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Jade Saunders

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