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Are people born to be entrepreneurs? A new study aims to find out if that’s really the case

Written by Louisa Cook on Wednesday, 15 May 2019. Posted in Leadership, People

Are people born to be entrepreneurs? A new study aims to find out if that’s really the case

Are people born to be entrepreneurs? A new study aims to find out if that’s really the case

Is an entrepreneurial spark something you’re born with or something you can work to obtain? Mercedes-Benz Vans UK, Mercedes-Benz’ British van company, is the driving force behind a new study to find out just that.

Preliminary research of the DNA based study, known as The Entrepreneur Gene Project, asked 2,000 individuals about their perceptions on entrepreneurship. And to them, the question of nature versus nurture seemingly had a foregone conclusion with 55% believing entrepreneurial skills are something you’re born with while 21% said nurture and upbringing are the most important factors when developing entrepreneurial skills.

Furthermore, 77% of the people polled said they didn’t class themselves as entrepreneurs. Of the ones who did see themselves as entrepreneurs, 27% knew they were one before the age of 20 and 5% said they knew before the age of 13.

On the back of this attitudes study, The Entrepreneur Gene Project will take a look at DNA from entrepreneurs and non-entrepreneurs to see if there’s any link between entrepreneurialism and genetic makeup. As well as being conducted by Mercedes-Benz Vans UK, The Entrepreneur Gene Project is also being led by leaders in genetic research from Stanford University, Liverpool John Moores University and genetics company DNAfit.

Commenting on the study, Steve Bridge, managing director at Mercedes-Benz Vans, said: “We have a long history as a country of breaking new ground and making things happen. The fact that our own customers consistently demonstrate the same levels of drive fascinates us. What makes them so motivated? What unites them? What worries them? Where does their shared entrepreneurial spirit come from? Is it nature or nurture? We want to know, because we are interested in our customers – and because the more we know about what drives the UK’s business leaders, the better we can help those who use Mercedes-Benz vans to support their own enterprises.”

It will certainly be interesting to discover whether being an entrepreneur is really all down to DNA. 

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