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The big idea: Deliverd

Written by Josh Russell on Friday, 08 April 2016. Posted in Fresh faces, Interviews

New food-delivery startup Deliverd is bringing restaurant quality meals to consumers’ homes at a fraction of the price

The big idea: Deliverd

There’s no denying that tech has forever changed the way we order food. Just as Hungryhouse and JustEat disrupted the traditional way consumers got their hands on fast food, a new wave of delivery startups has arisen to help provide restaurant-quality lunches and dinners to hungry Brits. The latest iteration of this kind of foodtech, Deliverd seems to be in a unique position to bring high-quality takeaway to the masses in a way that perhaps its rivals can’t.

Founded by serial entrepreneur Paul Rawlings, Deliverd combines an idea like Deliveroo with that of EatFirst. However, rather than EatFirst’s world-renowned chefs, Deliverd provides consumers chilled meals from the restaurants in their local area and allows them to heat up restaurant-quality food at home. Its customers can order online via text and get lunches and dinners delivered to homes, offices or a collection point and then finish cooking their cuisine when convenient for them.

Whilst this may seem more like evolution than revolution, Deliverd definitely has some unique factors that help set it apart from others in the space. Whilst many of its competitors – from high-end EatFirst to the local pizza place – can cost near £10 a meal, Deliverd has purposely positioned itself at a low price point and offers meals from a wallet-friendly £4. But perhaps more intriguing is the way its meals are created: it enables local restaurants to use time that would otherwise be wasted to prepare and chill the food, unlocking greater efficiencies for those restaurants and helping Deliverd to keep its prices low.

It’s still comparatively early days for the startup. However, unlike startups like Deliveroo that concentrated much of their energy on London to begin with, Deliverd is first focusing on conquering the north, helping it to gain a real foothold in a crowded market. Suffice to say, we’re sure it will be coming to kitchens across the nation very soon.

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