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Making the most of the evolving marketing mix

on Tuesday, 25 July 2017. Posted in html

While the rapidly changing marketing landscape may leave business leaders feeling like their business is built on shifting sand, it’s actually presenting more opportunities than ever before

Making the most of the evolving marketing mix

Without a doubt, marketing has changed irrevocably in the digital age. The upheaval that began in the early days of the internet with the development of display and the appearance of pay-per-click has continued apace. It has become increasingly important to understand the opportunities presented by the digital landscape and yet, in a market awash with Snapchat stories, podcast promotions and vlogger adverts, it’s never been harder for businesses to get a handle on the many options available to them.

Evidently while the digital revolution has introduced fantastic new techniques to build awareness of your brand and a rapport with your audience, it has also seen the marketing landscape become increasingly fragmented. And as not every service provider has the kind of cash in their back pockets that allows giants like Google and Facebook to chase every stream available to them, it’s important that they box clever and find the channels that are most likely to deliver them meaningful results. Fortunately, the multitude of media available makes it fairly easy for those looking to target SMEs to pick and choose the channels that work for them.

When deciding which channels best suit their needs, it’s first important for business leaders to ascertain what they would like to gain from their marketing spend. Do you want to build brand awareness and ensure your service is front of mind when potential customers are at the point of purchase? Are you looking to build affinity for your brand in an audience and become a trusted voice in your field? Would you like to be able to slice and segment an audience and target the promotion of specific elements of your offering to the people that need them the most? Thanks to the proliferation of products now available, it’s simple and straightforward for brands to build up a portfolio of different strategies tailored to their individual needs.

Of course, carrying this forward into an actionable marketing plan is easier said than done. But help is at hand: throughout the rest of this series, we’ll be diving deep into a range of different marketing techniques and the ins and outs of how they can help you reach SMEs and small businesses. And we’re always available to offer insight into how various techniques can meet your individual needs. So while it is easy to be intimidated by the huge upheaval we’ve seen in the marketing space of late, if anything service providers should see the shifting landscape as an opportunity. Because, with the right advice, it’s easy to stake your claim in this new frontier.

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