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Charm your customers by becoming a content king

on Friday, 15 September 2017. Posted in html

While increasing savviness among consumers is reducing the effectiveness of interruptive advertising techniques, embracing content marketing can help brands better engage customers

Charm your customers by becoming a content king

Any marketer attempting to target customers on the internet will be aware that the industry is facing a mounting crisis: online audiences are becoming much savvier. Given the medium was historically plagued by popups and domineering display ads, modern audiences have become increasingly able to tune out irrelevant or intrusive ads. In response to this, many brands have doubled down and are using even more interruptive techniques, attempting to engage in an evolutionary arms race that they will undoubtedly lose. Fortunately, there is a better technique for savvy marketers to attract potential customers, one that can win over audiences and encourage them to seek a brand out themselves rather than strong-arming them into accepting what you’re selling. That technique is content marketing.

Novel content is the fuel that drives the engine of the internet and ensuring the tank stays topped up requires a steady flow of fresh content. This provides an excellent opportunity for brands looking to build up loyalty among their target audience. By creating informative and engaging content that offers real value to the reader, marketers can not only draw in additional traffic online but they can also establish themselves as a real authority in the marketplace, one that will stick in a potential customer’s mind when they are ready to make a purchasing decision.

Perhaps the best way to explain the power of content marketing is by way of an example. Let’s imagine a DIY store is looking to build loyalty among its customer base and reach new audiences. Deciding to employ content marketing, it sets up a blog on its website providing regular home-improvement how-tos, pays to place sponsored posts on choosing the right tools for the job for the job on various interior design websites and buys a supplement to go out in a trade magazine advising those working as tradesmen on how to control the costs of a job. Not only does the online content give its brand a beneficial SEO boost but readers chancing across its guides and articles come to appreciate it as a valued source of information. As a result, next time these readers find themselves needing to purchase tools and materials, they are far more likely to choose the DIY store over brands they have no pre-existing relationship with.

While content marketing is designed to nudge readers closer to making the desired purchasing decision, the above example should also make it clear that it shouldn’t be viewed as an opportunity to stealthily sell your product. Modern audiences are more than savvy enough to see through a thinly veiled ad dressed up as content. Instead marketers must focus on providing truly valuable information or experiences if they really want their brand to come out as one that customers can trust. And while this can be a tricky line to walk as a newcomer, with the right help brands can easily create content that captivates their clients. 

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