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A Brexit rage room for frustrated corporate teams launched in London

Written by Louisa Cook on Friday, 22 March 2019. Posted in Global

From smashing up piñatas of Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage to hot-headed debates, Team Tactics’ Brexit rage room will help you release your rage over Brexit

A Brexit rage room for frustrated corporate teams launched in London

Since the signing of article 50 was triggered and the formal start of Brexit negotiations began, it has caused continuous palaver. From entrepreneurs to employees, the uncertainty has become a massive worry for all. However, Team Tactics, the corporate team building business, has launched Brexit rage room, a fun way to vent the Brexit frustration for companies and their teams. 

For anyone experiencing pent-up aggression over the chaos caused by the UK’s divorce negotiations with the EU, the Brexit rage room will have various activities where participants can smash a Brexit  bus, models of the UK Parliament and piñatas of political figures such as Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson with tools like baseball bats, spray paint and crowbars. The rage room will also include short debate sessions about Brexit. Taking place in a warehouse in London, it will be open for a week commencing on the 25th March. This means it will be available on what is still considered at the time of writing Brexit day – March 29.

Commenting on the rage room exercise, Tina Benson, managing director of Team Tactics, said: “ Since it was announced that the UK is leaving the EU in 2016 and Article 50 was triggered, Brexit has probably been the biggest talking point across Europe and with Brexit Day just around the corner, people are more stressed than ever about what it will bring. That’s why we decided that we needed to help at least a few teams relieve the stress of an uncertain future whilst having some fun and what better way to do it than have them smashing up piñatas of politicians.”

While you’re waiting for the final outcome, you must ensure your team isn’t too stressed and that it doesn’t affect their work. Just like many other companies who have introduced stress relieving activities for their staff, this might be a team building idea that can prove beneficial. 

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