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Jropp Jobs Ltd

Meet Jropp, the program revolutionising recruitment. This is the most efficient solution yet, providing real time information on what job seekers are looking for. All for up to 80% less.


Jropp is far from a standard job board. Our intuitive user interface for job seekers has seen a dramatic increase in the number of relevant jobs they've found and applied for. This, coupled with live information about what individuals are searching for, provides job seekers with exposure which has never before been attainable.


For recruiters and employers, Jropp offers information on why people haven't applied for your jobs. Information that has never before been collected this way in this industry. Through collecting this information and making it available to recruiters, we've created SeekerSteam - the next stage in recruitment.


Instead of scrolling through outdated CV databases looking for candidates, you will instead be presented with candidates who are actively looking for jobs like yours. Not only this, but you'll be able to see why they've declined similar jobs.


Enjoy a free trial when you signup to Jropp and then an annual fee for unlimited use of the platform, at a price which is up to 80% less than elsewhere.


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